ZF Marine Krimpen b.v.

Formerly known as HRP Thruster Systems B.V.

HRP, in the thruster market since 1973, designs and produces a wide range of steerable thrusters for all types of applications throughout the marine industry. Most of the workforce is located in Europe, with headquarters in Krimpen, The Netherlands. HRP also has offices and facilities in Asia, North America, South America and Middle East.

All products are designed and manufactured in HRP's own production facilities in the Netherlands. The organisation is ISO 9001 certified and designs meet all major marine classification societies.

The product line comprises:

  • Azimuth thrusters (360 steerable thrusters)
    • Well Mounted
    • Retractable
    • Deck Mounted
    • Contra-Rotating Propellers
  • Tunnel Thrusters
    • Fixed pitch propellers
    • Controllable Pitch Propellers
  • Shallow Draught Thrusters
  • Thruster Control Systems
    • Remote Control Systems
    • GPS Interfaced Systems
    • Dynamic Positioning Systems

The units can be supplied with electric-, diesel- or hydraulic drive systems. The steering controls are advanced and interfaced with GPS and Dynamic Positioning systems. HRP is well known throughout the marine industry for innovation, reliability and excellent performance.

Since the end of 2009 HRP is part of ZF Marine.

The ZF Business Unit "Marine Propulsion Systems" is also a leader in the marine market. Coordinated through its headquarters at ZF Padova, Italy, ZF Marine has 11 plants located in Italy, Germany, Holland, USA, Brazil, China and Taiwan.

ZF Marine supplies complete propulsion systems and components for all types of vessels - motor yachts, defense craft, high-speed ferries, workboats and commercial vessels, in a power range from 10 to 14,000 kW - to customers including major shipyards and engine manufacturers worldwide.

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