Spare parts:

These days it’s getting harder and harder to find the original parts needed to keep the HRP (Holland Roerpropeller) systems in good working condition. With us you are at the right address!

If you are looking for any type of OEM spare part for your HRP (Holland Roerpropeller) system, please don’t hesitate and contact us. We can provide all OEM spare parts for your HRP Thruster, any type and shape. Provide us your part number or serial number of the thruster and we will provide you with an offer for these parts.

We will make sure that you can keep operating your thrusters. 


Are you looking for a repair or overhaul of your thruster? Contact us today. 

Global on-site service

Our team of skilled service engineers can take on complete projects, including on-site services and overhauls of your thrusters. During their visit we will be able to inspect and overhaul the thruster, order new spare parts or use the already available parts from your stock, reverse engineer any obsolete parts and commision the thruster after the job has been finishes. 

Workshop repairs

Our workshop is fully equiped for the overhaul and repair of any type of thruster. Our skilled in-house engineers will dissasemble, inspect and overhaul your thruster with top precission, communication and reports.